Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hugo helps hospice

A while ago, we did some work for a lovely lady named Gill, and her family, in Leicestershire. After we had delivered her painted furniture, Gill gave us a chest of drawers that used to belong to her mother-in-law, who had moved into a residential home and said she hoped Laura could find a new home for it.

On the way home, Laura and I chatted about Gill, her mother-in-law and the chest of drawers and decided we should sell the chest, once painted, and donate the proceeds to a charity of Gill’s choice. Gill agreed that it would be a great idea and chose LOROS, the Leicestershire and Rutland hospice.
We’ve raised money for LOROS before, so it seemed like a perfect suggestion.
This week, we finally found time to get the chest made over. 

Handsome Hugo

Laura painted the shell of the chest in Farrow & Ball’s beautiful Pavilion Grey and painted the drawers in a very cool minty green. New knobs were added and, once everything had had a couple of coats of clear matt varnish, Hugo was born.

We decided the best way to sell Hugo was to post a photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and set our Likers and Followers the challenge of finding Hugo a new home by the end of the day.

As the shares and RTs from our generous online friends rolled in, we were sure Hugo would be snapped up at his asking price of £120.

We were right, but what we didn’t expect was that Hugo would be bought by someone who shares our postcode!

Our lovely neighbour Sally saw Hugo on our Facebook page and fell in love with him. As we already knew Sally, we said she could pay £100 and we’d make up the other £20, but Sally insisted on paying the full £120 herself and suggested we donate the extra £20 anyway, so LOROS would get even more money. So that’s what we did!

Every little helps

Now Sally, George and Amy have a new chest of drawers, LOROS has an extra £140 (plus £35 in Gift Aid) and we've got a bit more space in our store room! 

Sadly, Gill’s mother-in-law was taken ill in late 2013 and passed away. We hope she would have liked the transformation of her old chest of drawers and the fact it has now been passed on to another young family. One thing we’re sure of, is that Gill’s mother-in-law would be proud that her family’s generosity in donating that chest of drawers to us has helped such a deserving local charity to care for more terminally ill patients and their families.

Donating to LOROS is easy – so if you can spare a few pounds, click here.