Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What we've been up to lately

Ok, so it's been a while

Yep, it’s one of those blog posts where the author apologises for not updating for so long, so sue me.

We’ve been busy, you know. We’ve been wearing our Paper Plane hats (note to self: get some Paper Plane hats made) selling cards and prints both on and offline. Who knew that Christmas cards could take up so much of your time in October and November?

Paper Plane's best-selling party drinks cards

We’re now selling our PP range online at,, and etsy as well as in the real world at Vintage Betty and French Grey Tales (and a couple of exciting new stockists in Stamford and Rutland to be announced soon) and also at the awesome Lollyrocket Shopping Event, organised by the whirling balls of energy that are Hayleigh and Michelle from Lollyrocket. You should check out their website – especially the candles, which appear to be selling like hot, um, candles.

So, yeah, we’ve been doing our PP thing, while trying to learn about how Etsy and notonthehighstreet work.
We’ve had loads of very helpful advice from a friendly bunch of fellow sellers including Newton And The Apple, Bread& Jam, Bookishly, Megan Claire, Tanya Garfield Jewellery, Becka Griffin, Zoe Brennan and The Green Gables – which is a little bit exciting in itself because we’ve always looked up to these people (still do) and can only dream of emulating their success and talents. It’s a bit like being 12-year-old girls who’ve just talked our way onto One Direction’s tour bus, feeling like utter imposters, only to find that, despite being super-huge megastars, Harry, Niall and co are a lovely, welcoming bunch.

Reloved Vintage is still very much alive and well, though. As well as her regular commission work, Laura’s found time to produce two brilliant chests of drawers (her best work so far, if you ask me) – now she just needs to find the time to get them both listed for sale with a full range of photos.
You can see one, Percy, here.

It's Percy!

Oh yes, and we bought a van! We really did! It’s a Toyota HiAce and we had to travel two and a half hours each way to get it, but it was well worth it. Now we can take on bigger jobs we previously had to turn down – and maybe we can squeeze in a big buying trip to France some time next year…

We only went and bought a van...

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