Thursday, 5 September 2013

Managing Steptoe’s Yard

“You know normal people don’t live like this, right?”
This is not the first time these words have left my mouth. On this occasion, I have just moved a chest of drawers from in front of the fridge, in order to get some milk out, having side-stepped a writing bureau en-route.
Sometimes, the workshop space in our house gets full up and the kitchen is the fall guy.
It’s tough balancing a full-time job with a second job, but Laura does it incredibly well, so it’s hard to get annoyed (long-term, at least. I have my moments) about living in a glorified warehouse.

Me and Laura, yesterday

At the moment, our house is not only home to our own furniture, but also four other people’s. One of these commissions was finished last night, another should be done by Saturday, a third by Sunday and then the last piece some time next week (lots of delivery driving for me, then).
After that, apart from two commissions that aren’t pressing and a long-term search for a perfect piece for Strattons, Laura is going to focus on preparing a showcase of her work for the Stamford GeorgianFestival, which should be a well-attended event in the centre of Stamford.
On top of all this, Laura will be keeping on top of her stall at Lollyrocket and trying to add new items to her online shop.
All this while juggling a 9-5.30, Monday to Friday, ‘regular’ job (though, fingers crossed, that situation may soon change).  I don’t know how she does it, and she’ll be embarrassed by this blog entry, but she deserves a huge amount of credit for turning Reloved Vintage into such a success in such a short space of time.
Just imagine how successful she’ll be when she’s doing it full-time. And how many coffee tables I’ll have to sleep under…

Laura's idol, Mr Trebus