Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting It Right - #2 Strattons

There aren’t many hotels we’ve been back to more than once. In fact, I’m pretty certain there’s only one – Strattons.
Based in the heart of Swaffham (did you just read that as Swaaaaaaafham? Thought so), in Norfolk’s Brecks, Strattons is a boutique hotel, with restaurant café and deli all thrown into the mix, too.
Unlike many boutique hotels, you get the feeling that while Strattons takes its work very seriously, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s no snobbishness or air of superiority, the website and social media output is fun and friendly and the staff are down to earth and as helpful as can be.

Strattons, Swaffham

We like Norfolk. It’s probably fair to say we love Norfolk. From the charm of Norwich, one of Britain’s most pleasant cities, to the wide open beaches of Wells, Brancaster and Holkham, and charming towns such as Holt and Burnham Market. The downside to this, is that lots of other people like Norfolk. So, on a sunny day, the roads to and from Hunstanton, Sheringham and Cromer are a nightmare and the more upmarket establishments can be flooded with flash cars and loud mouths. That’s where Strattons comes in. Swaffham sits just outside of the main throng, yet is only 45 minutes from Norwich or the north Norfolk coast. It’s a real secret gem and we’re not sure we should be sharing it…

Opium - we're a sucker for a bath in a bedroom

The 14 rooms each have their own sense of style and character and are as comfortable and relaxing as they are opulent and charming. Though the hotel is set just off the main market square, via a narrow drive, you could easily be forgiven for thinking you’re in the middle of the Norfolk countryside, or perhaps even in rural France, such is the sense of seclusion.

A selection of deliciousness from The Rustic

As well as being a terrific place to stay, Strattons is a fine place to eat. We’ve had some of our favourite ever meals in the on-site restaurant, The Rustic. Using local, seasonal ingredients, The Rustic offers contemporary English cuisine, which is as well presented and innovative as it is delicious – and what’s more it’s the first place we ever tasted Bacon Jam. Oh, and the breakfasts… I’d happily drive the hour and half from RVHQ just to eat a Strattons kedgeree.

We forgot to mention the resident cats...

Take a look for yourself, there are always special offers and great deals to be had – you won’t regret it and you’ll definitely be back for more. And, if you stay in Edie, you’ll see they also have great taste in furniture, as you’ll see from the chest of drawers, supplied by a little Rutland-based outfit called Reloved Vintage

Edie, complete with chest of drawers by Reloved Vintage