Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Getting It Right - #4 Lollyrocket

If you’ve paid any attention at all to our Facebook page, you’ll know all about Lollyrocket.
Lollyrocket is a shop. And a tea room. And a craft and vintage centre. And a record shop. And a bit of a social media monster. The strings to Lollyrocket’s bow are added to constantly. We wouldn’t be surprised if next time we visited they’d opened their own international helipad on the roof.

Tea and cake. Stop drooling!

Lollyrocket – run by Michelle and Hayleigh – started up as a hobby and was essentially just a couple of friends selling homemade candles in their living room. But these girls just don’t know when to quit and within a matter of months have created an under-one-roof empire on Kettering’s Gold Street.
Downstairs is Lollyrocket the shop, stocking a well-chosen selection of gifts that happily straddle cool, kitsch and cute. Sharing the ground floor is the vintage tea-room, which also hosts craft sessions and appears to have been a roaring success.


Upstairs, on the middle floor, is Finders Keepers – where our main showroom can be found. This is a hand-picked selection of craft, vintage and handmade items from local sellers, including vintage clothes, cushions, jewellery, kitchenalia, photography and, of course, furniture.
Upstairs again is newest venture Rocket Records – a vinyl lover’s dream.

Our little slice of Finder Keepers

Not content with working six days a week, making tea, running up and downstairs, ordering stock, looking after their sellers’ pieces and a million other things we haven’t thought of, Michelle and Hayleigh are seemingly online 24/7 (we don’t think they sleep) promoting not only their own enterprises, but working hard on behalf of the sellers in Finders Keepers - updating their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with the latest items and arranging sales with people all over the country.
As a customer, you couldn’t ask for better service. And neither could you as a seller. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Michelle, Hayleigh and the rest of the LR team. They’ve offered support and advice, been generous with their time and promoted our business to their growing army of followers.
It’s hard to see anything but success for Lollyrocket – it’s very rare to come across such a winning combination of hard work, taste, ambition, customer service and all-round-bloody-loveliness.
Even if you’re not near Kettering, make the effort – pay them a visit. You won’t be disappointed.