Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Thank you!

Thank you.

Yes, you. Thanks for being great. Thanks for liking us, following us, retweeting us, sharing us and generally supporting us. Even when you're had a really awful day because of that pillock at work and you just want to put your feet up and drown in wine. Thank you.

Without you, we simply couldn’t carry on – and that’s not just empty words, it’s true.

As a small business with no bricks-and-mortar presence on the high street, no huge advertising budget and not even a full-time member of staff, our greatest promotional tool is word of mouth.

That has probably always been the case for small businesses, but, unlike our parents and grandparents, we have the wonders of social media to help us. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all allow us, and other small businesses, to reach our target audience with just a few clicks.

A wink's as good as a nod. Whatever that means.

So many of our new customers tell us “Our friend bought a dresser from you” or “I saw you on my friend’s page”. Your clicks, likes, comments and purchases really do make a huge difference to small businesses like ours and we really appreciate it.

Every time you retweet, tag a friend on Instagram or like, comment or share one of our status updates or photos on Facebook, your friends see it and you open up our fledgling business to a whole new bunch of people who might just become valued customers.

So here’s the deal, we’ll do it if you do too: everytime you see a photo or status you like, from a small business, click ‘like’, or, better still, leave a comment. Even if it’s just to say “Love it” or “Well done”, it means that small business’s post will be seen by many, many more people than it would otherwise. It's a few seconds of your time that can help to literally change the lives of small business owners by giving them the momentum to grow the business into a full-time career.

And isn't that a lovely thing to be able to do while sitting in your pyjamas, drinking tea and thinking about Ryan Gosling?