Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A few days in Suffolk

The White Room's bathroom at Valley Farmhouse

Just back from a few days in Suffolk to celebrate Laura’s birthday (28, as you’re asking). We stayed at a wonderful B&B near Halesworth, not far from the site of the Latitude festival. Valley Farmhouse has two rooms - a large suite and the White Room, where we stayed. Our hosts were perfect - friendly and welcoming, but not overbearing. We were made to feel totally at home, yet still given our own space and time to relax. The White Room is beautifully furnished – as you can see from the photos above and below – and we found it hard to tear ourselves away to go vintage-hunting (we managed it, though).

Our swanky four-poster

Beautiful roll-top bath

Our vintage cases

Lovely wooden furniture

Cute cases are a nice prop

Beccles was probably the highlight, with lots of independent shops and the fascinating Vintage Mischief (more on that later). Southwold’s pier, especially the Under The Pier Show, is great fun, even if the town is over-run with fancy London-types, and it’s incredibly hard to find a fish and chip shop that is open in the evening!
Bungay was also a pleasure to wander around - and was not alone in the area in offering free parking. Why don’t more towns and cities take this approach? It certainly helps to support small businesses (and don’t get me started on parking meters that don’t give change when the price is £1.10 or something else designed to make you overpay. Grrr).
All in all, we had a lovely time, even if we were a little chilly drinking our £1.99 Kir Royale on Southwold beach. And if ever a sentence summed up the great British seaside holiday…

Church of St Edmund, King and Martyr, Bungay

Southwold beach and a £1.99 Kir Royale - that's living