Friday, 19 July 2013

Vintage Mischief, Beccles

The yard outside Vintage Mischief is packed with wonderessness

Prior to our visit to Beccles, our only knowledge of this pretty town was that, according to his book, Alan Partridge has a number of mattresses stored in a lock-up there. We didn't find the lock-up (and we tried), but we did chance upon Vintage Mischief, tucked away behind the main road through the town. Now, we don't always visit vintage stores when we're on one of our vintage-hunting missions. That may sound crazy, but we need to make a profit - and, at a dedicated vintage shop, we're unlikely to be able to buy quality items for anything lower than the price we'd be able to sell them at. However, we like to check out the 'competition' to get ideas on what prices we should be charging, how to display things and so on.

Vintage Mischief, we have to say, has some of the finest vintage items we've come across on our travels. As well as the quality, the sheer quantity was staggering. Split between various rooms of all shapes and sizes, Vintage Mischief sells homeware, furniture, clothes, accessories - just about everything vintage you could imagine.

Milking it

We even bought ourselves a couple of treats - a really cute enamel pan (below) which Laura fell in love with, having had her breakfast beans served in one at our B&B and a HUGE Edwardian hall cupboard which we will relove and sell on (more on that to come, when Laura has finished it). We could easily have missed out on the cupboard, as it wouldn't fit in our trusty RV-mobile, but Vintage Mischief's owner, Simon, happened to be due to pass by our Rutland home that weekend, so offered to deliver it for us. A jolly nice gesture from a jolly nice chap.

We had to have it...

If you're anywhere near East Anglia, it really is well worth a visit. I couldn't believe the quality of some of the homeware and I really wish I'd taken a photo of the brilliant Sgt Bilko board game in the upstairs room full of stuff for chaps. Laura spent an eternity looking through the clothes, too. A fine selection of vintage clobber, plus some outstanding handmade vintage-inspired dresses by local dressmaker Lulumama.
Gorgeous vintage-inspired dress from Lulumama