Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vintage gems in Leicestershire

Never let it be said that we don't get around... The day after getting back from a vintage-hunting (and sea-swimming, chip-eating, bird-watching) break in Somerset and Dorset, during which we covered more than 1,000 miles, we were on the road again, but this time just to our neighbouring counties of Northamptonshire, to top up the stock at our stall in Finders Keepers at Lollyrocket and then over to Leicestershire to collect some pieces we're painting as a commission for a lovely lady named Gill. Of course, we had to pay a visit to Market Harborough, having just read about Amy's Vintage.

Too much loveliness at Amy's Vintage

Amy and Laura

Amy's Vintage is tucked away in Joules' Yard, round the back of Joules, at 55 High Street. Amy sells a great selection of vintage clothes and accessories and gave us a few tips for places to pick up good furniture. It was lovely to meet her and admire her beautiful shop. She has some of the best quality vintage clothes we've ever seen and you really should pay a visit when you're in the area.

The Vintage Experience, Blaby Road, South Wigston
Sewing room at the back...

Our final stop was to see Mel and co at The Vintage Experience in South Wigston. Mel's shop was a little hive of activity when we went in, with plenty of dressmaking going on. Mel's a self-taught dressmaker, which is hard to believe when you see the quality of her work. As well as making and selling vintage-inspired clothes, The Vintage Experience offers classes in dressmaking, silver-working and more and also sells handmade crafts by other local sellers. Mel's been really generous with her support and advice for us over the last few months so it was good to finally meet her face-to-face.

Lovely handmade clothes at The Vintage Experience

Handmade jewellery at The Vintage Experience

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been invaluable to us in the three(ish) years since Reloved Vintage was born and we've been able to connect with some really amazing people, but sometimes it's nice to actually get out there in the real world and meet our fellow small business owners. Both Amy and Mel are an inspiration to us - they've both taken the plunge and turned their passion into a full-time job. We wish them both continued success.