Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Getting It Right - #1 Bread & Jam

We're nosy little people here at Reloved Vintage. We're always checking out what other small (and big) businesses are doing – looking for great ideas we can be inspired by, or terrible horrors to make sure we avoid. 

Every so often, we see something that just makes us want to stand up and applaud - and that's what we'll be celebrating in our Getting It Right series.

You Are My Cup Of Tea mug £8.50

We love Bread & Jam. In fact, we love Bread & Jam more than we love bread and jam. And who doesn't like bread and jam? Hedgehogs can't get enough of it, and it's really bad for them. The prickly fools.

We first saw the work of Jamie and Catherine (aka Bread & Jam) on Facebook and assumed they were a huge, successful, Paperchase-style giant. Turns out they're a tiny, soon-to-be-ultra-successful small business.

Jamie and Catherine both have a background in interior design - and it shows in their eye-catching, retro-meets-kitsch-meets-modern-meets-cute-meets-cool products. The simple elegance of their patterns is reminiscent of classic Hornsea, but what sets Bread & Jam apart from the many talented designers out there is their eye for words, a perfect turn of phrase to melt your heart and lift your spirits. They also photograph and accessorise their products so well it makes us secretly seethe with jealousy (but don't tell anyone, it would make us seem childish).

Screen Printed Wooden Pencil Box £7.50

The quality of their work has not gone unnoticed and in addition to their Not On The High Street store, Bread & Jam products are also for sale through the style behemoth that is Anthropologie.

Not content with being bloody talented, they're also jolly nice, generous people, who have always been on hand to offer us advice whenever we've pestered them.

Bread & Jam are one of our biggest inspirations. Like us, they're a couple, originally working from home, selling online and aspiring to build a successful business. And, like us, they seem to live in a house that is permanently full of boxes...

We're so happy for them that their work is now being seen by a wider audience (especially as it means our Bread & Jam mug may one day become a collector's item!).

Notes Of Apology £9.50